Development of Pakshi Vihar
A Pakshi Vihar has been developed in area towards the outer boundary of Indira Sagar Power Station (ISPS) Township with a view to attract large number of native and migratory birds, to help in their sustenance especially during scorching hot summer season. Various fruit bearing trees for example Gular, Jamun, Achar, Badam, and Kadamb etc. were planted at this site to attract birds. A small pond was constructed to attract birds as well as large number of “Pakshi Pyau” (hanging mud pots) were placed at various places and hanged over branches of trees for their drinking water. Provisions for scattering various kinds of grains every morning at Pakshi Vihar site have also been made. To encourage bird nesting at “Pakshi Vihar Site” attractive manmade dwellings have also been prepared with help of waterproof plywood. These nests were placed over many trees at Pakshi Vihar. It is encouraging that the site is attracting birds and most to the manmade nests are now occupied by various kinds of birds.

Reclamation of Dumping Site
The muck dumping sites in front of Gate No. – 1 of Indira Sagar Power Station colony has been leveled, treated, pits of appropriate size have been made which were then filled with black cotton soil and then plantation have been done. A team comprising of Chairman, Member Secretary and Regional Officers of MP Pollution Control Board along with Senior Officers of NHDC have planted variety of tree species. This reclamation was a success and survival rate of plantation in the restoration pits were more than 80%.

Drip irrigation of plants using recycled bottles
Drip irrigation system using recycled bottles was launched during summer 2015, wherein waste bottles of soft drinks and packaged drinking water were used for drip irrigation at Indira Sagar Power Station. Approximately 1000 plants are being irrigated in the township area using this method.

Preparation of Organic Manure
In-house organic manure preparation through vermicomposting of dry fallen leaves to meet out project’s requirements for various garden& other vegetation at Indira Sagar Power Station.