(FAQ consists of questions and answers which are frequently asked during running of Online application. We keep updating this section. However some general questions have been given below)

  • Q. 1 : What is the website address for NHDC/HR/RECT-I/2019 ?
  • Answer :

  • Q. 2 : What to do if photograph and signature are not getting uploaded ?
  • Answer : Please check the size of photograph and signature and format of files must be JPG or JPEG.

  • Q. 3 : Can the photograph and signature be uploaded at some later stage ?
  • Answer : No. They have to be uploaded during filling of online application.

  • Q. 4 : I did not receive the email intimation for registration of my application ?
  • Answer : Email intimation is sent by auto-response confirmation emails. Delivery of these emails purely depends upon the correctness of your e-mail ID provided and policy of your e-mail service provider. They sometimes accept and sometimes divert such emails under bulk or spam mails or bounce back such mails. In case of Govt. / official / company e-mail Ids, delivery is controlled by your service provider's Company Policies. For the problem of service provider, department shall not be responsible for non-receipt of email.

  • Q. 5 : What should I do if I forget my password ?
  • Answer : : If you Forgot your Password, use "Forgot Password” link available on login screen. System will send your original password to your registered e-mail ID.

  • Q. 6 : Whether a candidate can correct his details after submitting the application if he has given any wrong information previously ?
  • Answer : No. In application once submitted, no changes can be made. However Edit option can be used before locking the application.

  • Q. 7 : What is FEE to be paid ?
  • Answer : Please refer to "Payment of Fee" page.

  • Q. 8 : Will the NHDC send me my Admit Card by post ?
  • Answer : No. Only soft copy of Admit Card can be downloaded from the website. Please visit the website regularly for updates.

  • Q. 9 : What should I do if there is lot of delay in accessing the page ?
  • Answer : Speed for Registration of On-Line Application is based on various factors like Internet Speed, large number of candidates trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore if you are not able to get the pages for registration immediately, please retry after a gap of few minutes or during off-peak hours during the night.